Our Service

Our care services range from light general housework to full personal care. Whatever your needs, we will be happy to give personal, friendly advice on how we can help you. Here are just some of the categories we can provide support services for;

How to Request Our Services

Through Your Local Authority

Local Authorities we deal with include…

Our services can also be obtained through your local Social Services office.

Please note: As from the 1st April 2015, Sisterly Care will be totally private within the Havant/Emsworth areas due to HCC restructuring their tendership.


Private Services

Our services can be purchased privately if you do not meet the Local Authority criteria. A contract will then be drawn up between yourself and Sisterly Care Ltd.

Our private fees are competitive and are available on request. We will deal with direct payment service users as this enables them the choice to use who they prefer.


We also provide a Sitting Service for those who would like to just have someone sit with their loved one whilst they have a few hours break.

All information gathered by Sisterly Care Ltd is strictly confidential and used only to assist us in providing the very best care needed.

Havant Office

Bognor Regis Office

Before care starts

Prior to any care package starting, one of our Management Team will carry out a pre-visit to assess the client’s individual needs. The client will be asked to help compile their Care Package in order to make sure that all their needs are met.

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Elderly Care

Age can creep up on you very suddenly and it is not a pleasant feeling knowing that you require help with the day to day tasks you were able to complete independently. This is where Sisterly Care Ltd can help, we help from personal care, medication requirements to shopping and domestic help. We will promote independence in the tasks you are able to continue to do yourself. Our assistance can make all the difference to your daily living and allow to continue to live safely within your own home.

Sensory Loss

Living with a sensory loss is hard enough to deal with but can be especially traumatic when having to deal with appointments, shopping, domestic tasks or just accessing the community for social reasons. Our care staff can assist you with support and allow you to live a full and independent life whatever your circumstances are.

elderly person
elderly person

Terminally Ill/End of Life

Our staff are fully trained in caring for the terminally ill and End of life. They can offer personalised support for the whole family and allow them to cope during this difficult time with minimal stress in the daily living tasks. We can be flexible and continue to support everyone within the home. Our staff will liaise with other professionals involved in this type of care, so the care is continuous and adequate for the individual needs.

Physical Disabilities

We can help with those individuals who have physical ailments to assist them with day to day tasks that they are finding difficult to complete. Ranging from getting up out of bed, washed and dressed and nutritional requirements. We can also help with domestic and shopping tasks or attending appointments, especially if the individual is in a wheelchair and has no one else able to attend with them.

terminally ill
elderly person

Learning Disabilities

A small section of our staff works well with those who suffer with learning disabilities. They support them in their daily living, maintaining their independence in their own abilities.


unfortunately, this covers a large part of our care visits. All our staff are trained in dealing with all types of dementia and will allow the sufferers time to complete the tasks they are still independent in. As time goes on and as the individual deteriorates, the scale of assistance will get higher but will still allow them freedom of choice and promote dignity, choices and rights.

elderly person