This year has proven difficult in many ways, we have had to change they way we work, live within the community and our day to day living.

Covid – 19 has affected everyone directly, even if they have not had the virus itself!

Here at Sisterly Care Ltd, we are ensuring that our staff and service users are as protected as they can be. Our staff will wear full PPE when in your home to ensure your safety and theirs. They will sanitise their hands regularly and sanitise all general areas within your home that requires contact.

Some visits have had to be adapted to fall in line with Government guidelines, shopping visits or assessing the community have been limited or cancelled.

All staff will ensure service users that are shielding and in high risk categories have plenty of shopping in for their needs. Staff will also ensure medication is collected from chemists so there is no stress of running out.

We review the guidelines weekly and make any changes that need to be made as per Government guidelines.