Havant Office

Our Head Office in Havant

buiding outside_400pxThis beautiful Grade 2 listed building is the setting for our main office which we opened in 2007. We started in one little room with just Frances and Julie working there. The business soon outgrew that space and now has two larger offices at the side of the building.

There are many other businesses with offices in this and we all get on very well. It is Sisterly Care’s main office and where the hub of the business is.

Havant and Portsmouth areas are run from this office as well as all the training, accounts and big meetings. The bar and restaurant downstairs have become our venue for many a Christmas party or major event!

main office with Teresa and Allison_400pxTeresa is our Office Manager and is responsible for all the staff training. Allison is the Coordinator for the Havant area, and Alison and Julie have the back office for accounts and other Company business.

Although the building is set back off the main road we are still very accessible and there is plenty of parking within the grounds. Staff, clients and their families enjoy coming to visit us on a regular basis!